Automation of technological processes

Automatic control.

Process management and automation part solutions include control, process management, warning alarms and ammonia detection systems. Automation ensures the reliable operation of refrigeration equipment without constant supervision. Control of the refrigeration system is all carried out by a Siemens Simatic series S7-1500 programmable logic controller (PLV), installed in the control cabinet. PLV fully manages and controls the operation of coolers, pumps, separators, condensers and compressor units. The refrigeration system has all the necessary measuring, control, management and protection equipment. All required data is transferred to the screen of a personal computer using a visualisation program (SCADA). In addition to SCADA, a local overview of processes and setting operating parameters is possible using the Siemens Simatic TP1200 touch screen, which is installed in the front door of the control box.

Main functions of PLV and visualisation system are:

  1. Regulation of the performance of the refrigeration system, maintaining the set temperature of the ethylene glycol outlet;
  2. Work management of compressor units;
  3. Optimising the work of coolers and compressors;
  4. Maintaining and controlling the set condensation pressure;
  5. Control of pumps;
  6. Liquid ammonia level control in separators;
  7. Emergency shutdown of equipment and activation of reserve equipment;
  8. Emergency alarm (sound and light) management;
  9. Permanent control of ammonia concentration in the compressor room;
  10. Operational information, indicated values of all analogue inputs and information about system status;
  11. Indication of errors, indicating the most important ones (transmitted over the GSM network);
  12. Additional operator workstations and remote monitoring;
  13. Graphic presentation of selected data.

SCADA is a monitoring system where you can easily monitor, display and analyse various parameters and indicators of production equipment. It includes the technical and software side of the automated equipment, and provides the monitored indicators of the automation processes to the user. Recording (archiving) of monitored processes allows analysis, monitoring and reporting of current and past processes. This provides an opportunity to make equipment work more efficiently, increase productivity, control resources, manage production workload and reduce the risk of failures. SCADA also enables the user to receive warning messages and alarms, provides access to remote hardware management, parameter changes and process management. Our SCADA systems are developed using Siemens Simatic WinCC V7.5 software.