Industrial refrigeration


Industrial refrigeration systems are usually used in high-refrigerating-capacity-requiring industries — meat, fish, dairy processing companies, breweries, fruit and vegetable storages, mushroom and berry freezing, logistics terminals, chemical and pharmaceutical industry etc. Industrial refrigeration systems and components have a high coefficient of performance, industrial design (e.g. the expected lifetime of commercial compressors are 10-12 years, while industrial compressors serves for 20-25 years), reliable protection for ensuring operating mode (lubricant cooling and supply to the compressor by the lubricant pump — always ensures the right-temperature and pressure oil supply to the compressor; filter contamination measurement — oil purity indication and compressor emergency stop; measurement of the current in operation — performance limitation in case of too high operating current; superheat control for the suction vapour — ensures only-superheated-vapour suction, and many other guards), standby components to ensure continuous operating mode in case of repair or emergency. Industrial system control is performed by individual system programming with the help of programmable controllers and visualisation — the Siemens Simatic S7 programmable controllers are used most commonly.