Machinery Compact

About GGMC

GGMC is mobile machinery developed and manufactured by the Green Group, experts in industrial refrigeration since 2006. Talking with clients we noticed that not all of them have the opportunity to build new compressor rooms. We suggest this solution, which does not require a lot of preparation from the client and can be easy integrated into any systems. All equipment is built in sections mounted inside 45 ft shipping containers and on a special platform on top of the container. Depending on logistical factors, the platform can be demounted and easily assembled again at the customer’s location.

Max refrigeration capacity at -40°C Max refrigeration capacity at -10°C Max refrigeration capacity at +2°C
GGMC 120 117 kW 452 kW 691 kW QUOTE IT
GGMC 160 153 kW 580 kW 881 kW QUOTE IT
GGMC 200 197 kW 750 kW 1146 kW QUOTE IT
GGMC 300 282 kW 1028 kW 1194 kW QUOTE IT
GGMC 400 370 kW 1335 kW 1537 kW QUOTE IT
GGMC 500 485 kW 1735 kW 2596 kW QUOTE IT
Delivery across Europe within 28 weeks.


  • Simple installation
  • Saving footprint
  • Reinforced frame
  • Liquid resistance floor
  • Ventilation system
  • Inside temperature control
  • Leakage sensor and other safety systems
  • Water treatment system
  • Fully insulated pipes and components
  • PED 2014/68/eu and CE approval
  • Remote service support 24/7


  • Heat recovery 
  • Heat Pump
  • CO2/NH3  cascade solution
  • Low charge ammonia volume 
  • Tropic version
Dimensions and weight

The 45ft HC (high cube) container standard dimensions are: L=13716 mm; W=2438 mm; H=2896 mm. Overall characteristics are shown in next table.*

Measurement Dimension, mm Weight, t
Lenght 14802
Width 4130 (2065x2) Up to 25 t (18+7)
Height 6374 (3187x2)

*All dimensions can be adjusted according to individual customer requirements.

5 things for Installation

Everything we need – few conditions for installation:

8 poles foundation
Water inlet
Internet – Profinet cable

Dry cooler EC

EC motors provide better performance than AC motors, and use less electricity. They are also generally much more compact, and speed can easily be controlled using commutation electronics, for example via pulse width modulation.

Low pressure vessel

Pressure vessels are available for almost all refrigeration applications. Our technology guarantees reliable refrigerant separation with a maximum operating refrigerant volume of 5 m3 per unit.

Danfoss ICF station

- Lower operating refrigerant charge
- Low power consumption
- Lower operating weight
- Small plan area
- ICAD precision dosing.

Effective ventilation

Each GGMC comes with a complete ventilation system, including exhaust air ducts and ventilation fans.

MAYEKAWA/MYCOM screw compressor

Innovative new motor profile and automatic Vi regulation ensuring energy efficiency  with high coefficiency of performance (COP) at various loads.

SIEMENS controller

Simatic S7-1500 CPU controller with high-resolution, 12” touch-screen control panel HMI. Remote monitoring. Safe and secure.

SIEMENS frequency converter

Leading manufacturing electric drive technology, perfectly regulating electric motors in refrigeration applications.

EVAPCO or BAC condenser

Designed for industrial refrigeration, evaporation condensers lower system condensing temperatures thereby reducing compressor horsepower, saving up to 15% energy compared to traditional air-cooled systems.